At Pirate Rocket®, you will experience one of the most advanced work environments ever developed and have the chance to work alongside extraordinary people. As a member of our team, you will have access to a cutting-edge welfare program and experience a disruptive acceleration of your career path. Meritocracy, empowerment, transparency, growth, balance: submit your application now and discover how working at Pirate Rocket® or for our Venture Companies could forever change your professional life.

Discover all the advantages of joining Pirate Rocket®:


Pirate Rocket® welcomes all team members with an awesome Working Kit including: durable and ergonomic backpack, laptop, phone, headphones, aluminum water bottle, t-shirt, notepad and pens, all personalized with the logo of the Venture Company you'll be joining.


Digital DNA and innovative style: at Pirate Rocket® we are smart workers by definition. With us you will be able to work remotely up to three days a week and during the days in the office you will be able to enjoy flexible entry and exit times.


Forget about traffic and stress. Located just steps away from Milan Central Station, our office is easily accessible via multiple transportation options and surrounded by a variety of services, including restaurants, bars and parking facilities.


We're beloved by the neighborhood. At Pirate Rocket®, we renew numerous agreements every year with local businesses including restaurants, bars, grocery stores and various other commercial activities, all just a stone's throw from our headquarters.


To promote sustainable mobility, at Pirate Rocket® we provide all team members with convenient city bikes equipped with baskets and racks for commuting during work hours. Additionally, if you prefer to commute to the office with your bike or scooter, secure parking is available within our premises.


Pirate Rocket® is pet-friendly: we welcome our team members' pets every day. Inside the offices, our furry friends can enjoy ample space to roam freely, while the park in front of our headquarters allows for outdoor walks and playtime.


At Pirate Rocket®, we guarantee all team members a welfare credit available on our platform, offering over 110,000 services annually, including health and wellness programs, work-life balance initiatives, incentives for public transportation, fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers, theater and cinema subscriptions, and much more.


At Pirate Rocket®, we boast a well-stocked company library with over 400 titles: a dedicated space for reading and learning where you can find important novels from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as numerous business manuals and organizational resources. Plenty of resources to cultivate your knowledge and expand your horizons.


At Pirate Rocket®, we organize engaging and interactive training sessions for all team members every year, ranging from theoretical courses to role-plays, providing numerous opportunities to test your skills and hone your talents. We also provide funding for master's degrees and tailored training courses for deserving team members, covering university programs, foreign language courses, specialization programs and professional development paths.


At Pirate Rocket®, we support our team members in realizing their full potential and achieving success in their careers. That's why we've designed clear and defined career paths.


Our offices feature a spacious area dedicated to leisure and relaxation, equipped with sofas, Smart TVs, PlayStation 5, foosball, ping pong tables, arcade games and much more. Recharging your batteries has never been easier or more enjoyable.


At Pirate Rocket®, coffee's on us. We provide all team members with complimentary coffee, fresh seasonal fruit, beverages and candies every day. During the winter months, you warm up with one of our teas, and during the summer, you can enjoy some delicious ice cream. Plus, everything you need to store or heat your food is available in the same area.


Mens sana in corpore sano. Our offices feature a fully equipped gym accessible to all team members free of charge, complete with yoga stations, treadmills, exercise bikes and various other machines for workouts or moments of relaxation and concentration before, during or after the workday.


And for those who love outdoor activities? The basketball court in front of our headquarters is always open for a quick game or some healthy exercise.


At Pirate Rocket®, we organize annual team building events attended by all Venture Company team members. Whether facing hordes of zombies in augmented reality or speeding down river rapids alongside your colleagues, there's something for everyone.


At Pirate Rocket®, we love to celebrate achievements. That's why we throw exclusive parties every year. With music and fun in extraordinary locations, our parties are more than just company events.


With the Canary Camp program, you can work directly from Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria, where temperatures never drop below 25 degrees, even in the dead of winter. Our free and fully equipped accommodations are located directly on the famous Las Canteras beach, surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants and services of all kinds. During your stay, you can take advantage of agreements with gyms, yoga centers and the renowned surf school Mojo by Billabong, founded and directed by Spanish surf champion Eduardo Acosta.

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