Pirate Rocket® is an incubator, a start-up studio, a private equity investment company, and a holding and services company. In short, Pirate Rocket® is a Venture Builder specializing in the design and financing of cutting-edge businesses that we call Venture Companies.


Pirate Rocket® wants to constantly update the state-of-the-art in Venture Building through a continuous exercise in research and refinement: to create value and produce innovation.


The work ethic of Pirate Rocket® is firmly anchored in the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and decisiveness and has, as a fundamental vision, strives for excellence.


Our team is composed of managers with a variety of backgrounds synergizing a wide range of subjects and skills: from financial engineering to institutional and team psychology; from legal, labor and tax consultancy, to the sciences of communication and digital marketing, from organizational and process strategies to the most advanced technological skills.



At Pirate Rocket®, we believe in the principle of collaboration and the utility of networking, favoring, however, relevant and selected partnerships that create real value for all stakeholders. For this reason, we carefully explore the possibilities of affiliation and certification in a path of serious and rigorous mutual accreditation.